ways to connect at crown heights:

We invite you to explore ways you can connect to the Crown Heights church community as well as find ways to engage in our opportunities for outreach.

christian education

All adult Sunday school classes are open to anyone seeking to learn about God.  Each class has a diverse learning style and uses a variety of study materials.


Our Preschool thru Grade School Class uses a "one big room" style of curriculum.  We use a variety of teaching mediums. We also offer Worship and Wonder during our worship service.


Our JYF (Junior Youth Fellowship) Class for our 5th & 6th Graders, uses streaming content to explore age-appropriate topics and current events.


Our Youth Group, ages 7th grade thru 12th grade, uses a variety of teaching material.  Sometimes bible-based and sometimes current events.


The Casual Sundays Class selects materials that guide them in the contex of a Christian life.  It includes Young or Younger Adults-Age not Defined; Marrieds and Singles; and is led by members of the class.  They support outreach projects such as a day of pampering for single moms.


The Pathways Class is an inter-generational, discussion class that explores the God questions of contemporary life.  This class supports church outreach projects and works to further develop their discipleship.  They have adopted a flower bed, which they routinely maintain and they meet once each month for dinner and good conversation.


Having a strong Bible focus, the Homemaker Class digs deeply into the scriptures using mostly a combined lecture/discussion method and following Uniform Lesson Material.  The Homemaker Class supports church outreach projects and enjoys fellowship on special occasions like Christmas.  The name of the class reflects the status of the young families that formed it following World War II.  It, however, continues to describe them as they strive to make Crown Heights a home for others.


The Hood Fellowship is a discussion class, the members select a book to guide their discussion and generally try to rotate between a book about our lives as Christians and books that lead deeper into the Bible.   This class includes persons of diverse ages mostly over 50. This class takes responsibility for Harmony Prayer Garden, supports church outreach projects, and enjoys fun, food, and fellowship at various times during the year. The Hood Fellowship was named after the mentors who started the class, Dr. F. Redding and Virginia Hood.   


Christian Women's Fellowship

The Christian Women's Fellowship was formed to support mission activities and to provide an avenue for Christian growth. This group's primary mission activity supports the Church World Service Blankets and Tools Project.  Locally, the women provide Christmas gifts for children through the Salvation Army.  See mission related ministries for other opportunities. Growth opportunities are provided through monthly meetings of three groups who share fellowship, a lesson, and worship. Each group selects its own subject for study. Please check the church calendar for dates and times of meetings. Four luncheons are held each year which include a program and worship.  Reservation may be made through the church office by the Friday before the Tuesday luncheon.


Christian Men's Fellowship

The men's group meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays for breakfast at area restaurants. The men provide volunteer maintenance to the church building on Tuesday mornings, known as "The Tuesday Crew". Throughout the year, the CMF have pancake fundraisers, provide a Mother's Day breakfast and hold golf tournaments in the spring and fall.


The First Sunday Book Club

The First Sunday Book Club was organized to give avid readers and opportunity to read and discuss the same book. As the name implies it meets on the first Sunday of each month at 5:00 pm to discuss a previously selected book.  The group reads primarily fiction or historical novels but occasionally reads other types of books.  Books read are from the very serious to the very funny.  This is a great group to discuss the issues that are raised.


All Church Fellowship

Come have some coffee or juice and a donut before Sunday School or church.  Early fellowship meets in the Parlor that can be accessed through the north double doors off the parking lot found on the 40th street entrance.  Come share the refreshments and get to know us. We also offer a time of fellowship immediate following worship in our Social Hall. Did we not say we were a People of the Table? Each Sunday our adult Sunday School classes take turns providing refreshments while everyone catches up with each other and we get to meet new friends.  Come and see.


Friday Frolics

Come at noon for a potluck lunch and stay for an afternoon of table games, fun, and fellowship. Although most participants are retirees, all are welcome.


Dinner at Johnnies

Technically this is a mission project, because if you eat at Johnnies Restaurant on Britton Road near May Avenue in the evening on the first Sunday of the month the restaurant will donate part of its profits to the church and we use those donations to support missions. Realistically, this is a fun way to spend Sunday evening in food and fellowship with good friends.  Come and join us. It is a great opportunity to get to know us.   


Mobile Meals

Volunteers meet Thursdays at the church to prepare food for those in our community who are unable to obtain access to a warm meal. After we prepare the meals, other volunteers deliver the meals and bring joy and cheer!


Putnam Heights Academy

We have adopted this neighborhood school and offer our services to mentor a children, fill food packs for weekends when the kids have trouble finding access to food resources and we also collect and deliver school supplies.


Refuge Fellowship

Is a ministry provided by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) that reaches out to the downtown homeless community. We volunteer by preparing a meal on a rotating basis and attend worship services with the homeless population.


Food Pantry Ministry

We collect non-perishable food items and donate some to the Wildewood Christian Church food pantry and we also keep some to hand out to folks in need who come by the church office on a daily basis.   


Chancel Choir

Adults and youth interested in supporting Sunday worship with song are welcomed to become a part of the Chancel Choir. The Choir, under the direction of John Robberson, rehearses in the Music room beginning at 7:30 pm and again on Sunday morning at 9:00 am. The Chancel Choir sings an anthem each Sunday except during the month of July and performs special music at other times throughout the church year, particularly at Christmas and Easter. If you are interested come to Choir practice or talk to John.


Bell Choir

Under the direction of John Robberson, the Bell Choir practices each Wednesday at 6:30 pm. If you are interested in becoming a "Ding-A-Ling" talk to John or go to the Casual Sunday's classroom at 6:00 pm and watch them practice to see if it would be something in which you would be interested. The Bell Choir plays at various times throughout the year to enhance Sunday worship and other services.